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Blade Kiteboarding was established in 2005. Our goal has remained the same over the years - to create fast, reliable and versatile kites which excel in any situation. Whether your adrenaline fix comes from water, snow or land, we make quality products for those with a constant need to soar new heights and push the boundaries of performance.

We’re committed to producing the very best equipment - kites that guarantee unforgettable sessions and bucket loads of fun. Kites that offer you unparalleled power, quick turning abilities and the precision and control to dodge any obstacle that stands in your way. If you want nothing more than to go out and leave it all on the water, Blade has just the kite for you. 

Our approach to product design is founded on a simple idea: that no single kite design is ideal for every rider. We know that every rider has a different physical and psychological approach to kiteboarding. Our experience in the community and as kiters gives us an intimate understanding of these approaches and the characteristics of the various types of riders form the basis for our kite development. At Blade, we call this our Rider-Centric Design Paradigm.

We choose a rider-centric approach over one dedicated to specific styles like New School, Freeride, Wave and All-Round because the relationship between the rider and kite is paramount. Styles are often too broad and don’t accurately capture who people are as riders. The alignment between the rider and the kite helps you progress more than any other aspect of kite performance. We work with this mantra - our designs are tailored to our riders.

The development process at Blade is similar to boutique brands in other industries which design with specificity in mind. We start by working with groups of riders with similar preferences and conducting thorough analyses of their performance needs in real-world settings. After we’ve compiled a precise rider profile, we match performance characteristics to their unique requirements. This drives our design process and we ensure that every decision we make is geared towards the needs of our riders. That’s how we consistently produce finely-tuned kites which give riders in each profile the very best performance. The right kite for the right rider is Blade’s Natural Selection Process.


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