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Сухой гидрокостюм Kokatat Hidrus Multisport 3L

Производитель: Kokatat
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42 375 руб.

Best light wind kite in the world!
Kokatat Hydrus 3L Multisport Front Entry сухой костюм защищает от холодной воды. Дает комфорт при занятиях активным отдыхом. 
 Hydrus 3L водонепроницаемый дышащий покрытие держит вас сухим в открытом море и экстремальных погодных условиях
 Внешний нейлоновая ткань сопротивляется истиранию,  внутренняя подкладка отводит влагу от кожи
 Латекс шеи уплотнительные прокладки, защищают от попадания поды во внутрь
 Специализированные рукава повышенной свободы движения,не ограничивает движение
 Самоотливной нагрудный карман
 Прочное усиление на локтях, коленях и сиденья, стойкие к истиранию и долговечны
 Водонепроницаемые  молнии обеспечивает удобное одевание 
 Светоотражающие вставки на костюме- улучшает видимость в условиях низкой освещенности
 Интегрированный носки для большего комфорта, чем латексные прокладки и предотвращают попадание воды 
Сделано в США
Грудь( см) 81-86 91-96 100-107 112-116 132-137
 Талия 66-71 76-81 81-86 91-96 107-112
 Бедра 86-91 91-96 100-107 107-112 122-127
 Внутренний шов 66-71 71-76 76-81 81-86 86-91
Рост 152-162 157-167 167-183 177-187 183-198
 Вес (кг). 45-57 52-64 64-79 79-90 109-118
Длина рукава 76 81 86 89 94

For paddlers looking for a great dry suit on a budget, look no further than the Kokatat Hydrus 3L Meridian dry suit with the newest generation of Kokatat fabric technology— Hydrus 3L. The Hydrus 3L Meridian incorporates all the features of the GORE-TEX® version including Kokatat’s superior construction techniques, integrated socks, watersports entry and relief zippers and a lifetime warranty, but at a lower price. This new three-layer fabric is exceptionally waterproof and breathable.

Special Care Guidelines


Kokatat offers basic care instructions for our products under the "Product Care" tab for each individual garment. These and the below topics for specific product types and guidelines will help extend the life and function of your Kokatat garment.




Delamination of the urethane coating on older dry suits and tops may occur with age, but does not normally result in leakage unless the delamination is very severe. Use and care will affect when delamination will occur; the better you care for your garment, the longer it will last. If the garment is not leaking, you can continue to use it. If you feel the garment is leaking, please contact us for assistance.




Garments made with GORE-TEX® fabrics offer dramatically increased comfort in all conditions because GORE-TEX® fabrics are absolutely waterproof and windproof from the outside, yet allow moisture and perspiration vapor to escape from the inside. The result: you stay drier and more comfortable. And because the GORE-TEX® membrane is protected between two layers of fabric, it is more durable than coated fabrics. The GORE-TEX® membrane is a teflon type film, resembling white tape. It's sandwiched between an inner lining material and an outer face fabric (one of our nylons). The outer face fabric is produced for maximum durability while remaining supple & quiet. If you feel as though your GORE-TEX® garment is leaking, please contact us for assistance.




Durable Water Repellent (DWR) prevents liquid from building up on your garment’s outer layer which can make you feel damp and clammy (“wetting out”). Regular wear and tear, exposure to dirt, detergents and other impurities causes DWR to wear off over time, but the good news is that it can be restored. The effective life of the DWR depends upon how the garment is cared for, and how rigorously it is used. The most effective way to maintain the garment's water and stain repellency is to rinse it and let it drip dry (washing helps, and if it's not a gasketed or a coated fabric, then it can be put in the dryer). DWR is not what makes a garment waterproof - it's a treatment applied to the face fabric that keeps water beading on the outer surface rather than soaking into it.




Broken zippers cannot be repaired but can be replaced. This work may be performed only by Kokatat at our factory; if you feel your zipper has been damaged, please contact Customer Service to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#).

Kokatat’s TROPOS dry suits are supplied with TiZip® entry and relief zippers. This watersports zipper is effectively waterproof for surface watersports. All GORE-TEX® dry suits are supplied with a metal tooth Optiseal zipper, which has larger teeth and is factory tested to be completely waterproof to 20 feet.

The zipper is one of the most sensitive component of your dry suit. Avoid aggressive pulling, and NEVER force a jammed zipper. Keep sand and dirt out of the zipper teeth and the closing end. Clean it occasionally with mild soap, water and a toothbrush. Lubricate the zipper with a light coat of paraffin, beeswax or a zipper lube product. A dab of Vaseline in the closing end improves sealing. Make sure you read the instructions on your garment's hangtag before use!




Latex gaskets need to be treated every 4–6 weeks to prevent drying and cracking. Kokatat recommends 303 Protectant, available in 2 oz. and 8 oz. sizes. Small tears or holes in the gasket may be repaired with Aquaseal. Replacement gaskets and kits are available from your dealer or directly from Kokatat.


Kokatat (and some dealers) will replace gaskets for a reasonable charge. Kokatat will replace gaskets and socks on Kokatat garments only.


The most common repair on a dry suit is a gasket replacement. If a gasket needs attention you have three options:

  1. Kokatat can replace it (no other brands, please). See the Warranty & Factory Repair page for more information.
  2. Have the store where you bought the gear or a regional repair facility do the repair. See the Warranty & Factory Repair page for more information.
  • Размеры Гидро Костюмов
    48 S, 50 M, 52 L, 54 XL
  • Hydrus 3L waterproof, breathable fabric
  • Self draining punch-through neck & wrist neoprene over-cuffs
  • Self draining, zippered chest pocket with key lanyard
  • Competition cut underarm, latex neck and wrist gaskets
  • Watersports entry and relief zippers
  • Adjustable bungee drawcord at waist
  • Self-draining seat and knee patches
  • Dual-adjustable overskirt incorporates “hook & loop” compatible neoprene
  • “Hook & loop” adjustable neoprene over-cuffs at ankle
  • Integrated Hydrus™ socks; factory sealed seams
  XS* S M L XL XXL XXXL L king
Chest 32-35 35-38 38-41 41-44 44-48 48-52 56-58 53-57
Waist 25-28 28-31 31-34 34-37 37-41 41-45 46-48 45-55
Girth n/a 59-63 63-67 68-72 72-76 76-80 n/a 72-76
Hips n/a 36-38 39-41 41-44 44-47 47-50 n/a 50-52
Inseam n/a 29-30 30-31 31-32 32-33 32-33 n/a 30-31
Sleeve 30 30-32 32-34 34-35 35-36 36-37 37 34-35
Height 5' - 5'4" 5'2" -5'6" 5'6"- 6' 5'10" - 6'2" 6' - 6'4" 6' - 6'6" 6' - 6'4" 5'10" - 6'2"
Weight 100-125 115-140 140-175 175-200 200-240 220-260 220-260 240-280
Сделано в США
Грудь( см) 81-86 91-96 100-107 112-116 132-137
 Талия 66-71 76-81 81-86 91-96 107-112
 Бедра 86-91 91-96 100-107 107-112 122-127
 Внутренний шов 66-71 71-76 76-81 81-86 86-91
Рост 152-162 157-167 167-183 177-187 183-198
 Вес (кг). 45-57 52-64 64-79 79-90 109-118
Длина рукава 76 81 86 89 94


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